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Italy- Florence (2018)

Florence was the last stop in our tour of Italy. Our guide Nina went over the history of Florence and its importance. I also got some details by reading guide books and internet. Florence is the birth place of Renaissance. Renaissance is the intellectual and cultural movement (1350-1650). This movement was accelerated by the rich …


Italy- Cinque Terre (2018)

Cinque Terre, meaning five lands in Italian, is part of Italian Riviera. The term Riviera refers to the coastal line between the sea of Liguria and the mountains which extend from southern city of La Spezia to Genoa and Genoa to French border. It is approximately 130 mile long. The Riviera has a mild climate …


Italy- Lucca (2018)

Our next stop is Lucca. It is actually a side attraction for us. We made it a stop because it is on our way to Cinque Terre ( Italian Riviera) and we spent about four hours in the city. Lucca has a glorious past as the capital of Tuscany. Etruscans founded it in 3rd century …


Italy- Volterra (2018)

Our second stop in the “Heart of Italy” tour is Volterra. It is in the region of Tuscany and the province of Pisa. It is a 4 hour ride from Rome (170 miles). This 4 hour went quickly because most of the time we traveled thru Tuscany region, the vineyard of Italy. Scenery was lush …


Italy- Rome (2018)

Recently I and a family member visited Italy for 8 (May 2-9) days. We now know why travelers love Italy. Italy has rich history, beautiful landscape and friendly people. We went on Seattle based Rick Steve’s tour. As expected, the tour was well organized by the Europe travel guru Rick Steve and his company. Our …